7 Facebook Marketing Communication Tips You Need to Know

Covid has made more small business owners than probably any time in the past because, not only did it negatively affect many jobs, it also demanded that everyone stay home. If people were annoyed by the amount of sales offers they were pitched on Facebook before, they are downright livid about them now. 

So...if you are a small business owner looking to get your product or service out to more people, listen up! Here's what you need to know. 

1.Make Friendships First!
To paraphrase the old saying, nobody cares what you're selling if they don't think you care about them and what they really need. Go out and make friendships and share your life. If you're selling what they need, they'll find you or at least ask you about what you do. 

2. Inspire. Don't ask.
Instead of Buy My Stuff! posts or pleas to share your new business, inspire people to seek you out. Let them see you're open for business. Let them see you sharing what your service does for your clients. Let them see how much you love your job! 

In addition, know that Facebook doesn't like SPAM and it sees asking for likes and comments and shares as SPAM. Instead of asking people to like and share your post or to comment, INSPIRE them to do so. And how do you inspire people to like, comment, and share?...

3. Ask Questions!
If you ask a question in your post, it inspires an answer. Most Asking a question about them, how they do things or how they think is called an engagement post. It elicits a response/comment. Comments help get more likes and shares and Facebook rewards a popular post by showing it to more of your friends. 



4. Be Creative!
The best way to elicit likes, comments, and shares is to be creative. Create something different, eye catching, and ...

5. Be Unique!
Facebook likes original posts because it sees things that have already been posted more as SPAM. To take advantage of Facebook's affinity for originals doesn't mean you can't post that baby picture you love anymore. It just means you need to crop it in a way that makes it slightly different in Facebook's eyes. Crop a bit off the top and bottom or off the sides. Add a border or background. OR...

6. Create your own with Canva! 
Canva is a free app (with a pay version) that easily allows you to create your own pictures, memes and so many other things. The free version is pretty good on its own, but if you want more, you can upgrade. 


7. Be of Value!
The best way to make a customer is to be a friend. A real friend. Laugh with them, cry with them, help them when you can. Encourage them in what they're doing and share your life with them. People will do much more for a friend than they ever will for a stranger. Make a friend first! 

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