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Poignant video 4 days before Michael Jackson's Death

Yesterday I posted about the 911 call that told of Michael Jackson's death.  Many have asked me to comment on his life, but I really didn't know enough about him to do that.  I do believe he was a troubled man and I know he didn't know the Lord as his Savior. I did wonder at the differences surrounding the death of both of those pop stars on Thursday. Farrah Fawcett had a very strong Christian faith (at least at the end of her life.) and I do believe it helped to keep her grounded and I am sure it was a comfort to her as she was going through the struggle known as cancer.  Michael Jackson was not a...

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I Love Lucy: English Pronunciation

This is one of my favorite episodes of I Love Lucy.  Since this Thursday's Grace Talk Soup is on the cultural differences in communication, I thought it'd be fun to post this segment of I Love Lucy where Lucy is trying to convince Ricky that his Cuban accent doesn't afford him the ability to speak "Correct English".  I especially love the part where he can't figure out how to pronounce the different English words that all end in "ough". English is a funny language and even Americans have a "tough" time of it!  Or is that a "too" time of it?  LOL Do you have a funny cultural communication story you'd like to share?  Come on the show on Thursday...

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