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Ten Things NOT to Post During Tough Times

Last week I shared some tips for business blogging and social media.  I shared Ten Things to Post During Tough Times.  This week I want to share Ten Things NOT to Post During Tough Times.  Tough times are hard enough without having to read through stuff like this.  As an added bonus, you'll notice that they all rhyme! Ten Things NOT to Post During Tough Times 1. Spam Nobody wants to be sold, especially during tough times.  Sharing a special offer once in a while with folks you have a relationship with is one thing, but ONLY posting your wares or posting six offers in a row or posting the same offer several times is not something that will win...

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If these Tweeple Could Have Tweeted

Don'tcha ever wonder what folks would have done had they had access to today's technology?  I did!  Here's what I think these tweeple would have tweeted if they had had the chance: George Washington: "I cannot tweet a lie." Mickey Mouse: "Minnie, c u real soon!" Fido: "Took the tweeple out 4 a walk. Looking 4 buried tweets." Popeye: "I loves ya Olive! Uh ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka!!  I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam, I'm ....(ran out of characters)" Forrest Gump: "Stupid tweets as stupid does." -------------------------------------- Got any of your own?  Post 'em! For more fun with language and communication, visit Art of! NOTE: Due to the significant amount...

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