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It's December. Now how did THAT happen? lol

Ok so it's December 1st, 2009.  Wasn't it just January?  Come to think of it...wasn't it just 1995...about two years ago?  The older I get, the faster time goes by.  As my father always says, "Tempus certainly does fugit!"  They say time flies when you're having fun, but I don't remember having THAT much fun! So how does this happen?  How do you go from being a young girl without a care in the world one moment to a 47 year old mother of a college girl and a homeschooled 10 y/o son the next?  As Lucy used to say, "Whahappen?" So Christmas must be around 2 oclock today and 2010 is probably being held on Friday!  Are you ready?...

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