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What is speech?

Those of you who remember my weekly internet radio show on the Communication Comedy Network will remember my character Professor Wordsmith.  She (I) did the Word of the Week segments.  In 2011, I'm going to be bringing back some of the old characters I played on the show as YouTube videos.  I thought I'd bring her segments here to Communication FUNdamentals for Word Wednesday. This week's word is something most people do associate with communication: speech!  But as we'll see, speech is much more than a formal recitation of gun control or abortion rights. According to Merriam Webster, speech is: "1a : the communication or expression of thoughts in spoken words b : exchange of spoken words : conversation 2a...

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21 Accents in 2 1/2 Minutes!

When I had my internet show, The Communication Comedy Network, I had to play several different people in a span of an hour.  I played a New York Newscaster, a Southern Roving Reporter, a British Professor and myself with a sort of California accent.  I found it difficult to switch back and forth between the accents and the accents I was doing were very different from each other. The woman in this video is absolutely amazing!  She does 21 different accents in a span of just two minutes and 36 seconds and some of the accents present only very subtle changes.  I don't know if the accents are 100% accurate, but I'll tell you one thing, this lady is talented!!! ...

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