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Vote: Who should win our contest?

I know the elections aren't until 2012, but you can still vote!  ROFL  Last week, I issued a challenge to enter our contest by submitting a family friendly, funny or sweet story of miscommunication.  We had several wonderful entries and now I'd like you all to vote on your favorites! 1. Janie's Entry: I was chatting on the phone with my sister. She had said that for her daughter’s birthday she wanted one of our kittens. I knew which kitten my niece liked so I told my sister “The kitten she likes is a female.” My daughter (who was 4 at the time) said “But Mom, we don’t do females we only do e-mails. 2. Andi's Entry: One afternoon I...

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Congratulations Contest Winners & What I Learned

What a contest!  For the past two months, Art of Eloquence had a contest going that got really interesting, especially toward the end.   The idea was to help us get the word out about Art of Eloquence by posting links to our website.  The winner of the $350 prize package was the one who posted the most links, but we were also giving away other prizes by picking 10 other entries at random. When we first started, I thought we would have hundreds of people entering once with several entering a few times.  I expected our winner to have posted about 5-7 links in the two months allotted and I figured the motivation to post the most links would come...

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