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Praise and Thank You

Have you subscribed to Communication FUNdamentals’ RSS Feed?  Don’t miss a post! x Continuing with Praise Week here on Communication FUNdamentals!  On Monday I shared about a recent study that was done on the need for praise in order to boost self-esteem.  With so many people feeling overworked like this woman here, the need for praise is greater, but we no longer have as much free time to give it away to others.  However, it's important to praise and compliment-even if it is just to say thank you, but how do we do that effectively?  This is an article I wrote a while back called... The Power of Thank You! By JoJo Tabares Did you ever notice how little kids...

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Weasel Words

Weasel Words are a dead give away that you are nervous or not sure of yourself.  Weasel Words and phrases exhaust you and suck all the power out of your communication.  They zap your leadership, curtail your effectiveness and destroy your credibility.  So what are Weasel Words? What's wrong with this picture? FRED: "Ok people, settle down now.  Shhhh...   Ok. I'm gonna go ahead and ask that you all quiet down so we can get some work done here.  I know you are all anxious about our trip, but I'm gonna ask that you all focus now.  Rehearsals start at 6pm and I'd like to ask that each one of you respects, you know, everyone's time...well, my time...  I'm gonna...

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