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Should Your Child Have a Blog? Part 2

Last week, I posted part one of Should Your Child Have a Blog? where I shared the positive aspects.  This week, I'd like to share the negative aspects of your child having a blog. Too much inward time to retreat into shyness One of the drawbacks of spending time by himself is that your child may withdraw further into his shell and retreat back into his shyness.  While communicating online can be a good way to slowly immersing himself in communication with others, a blog is more solitary than is social networking. Rude Spam Comments Be careful of the dreaded rude spam comments he will need to filter through.  Some are simply nonsense, but some are inappropriate or even worse. ...

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Interview w/a Communicator: Music Teacher

This week's Interview with a Communicator is another online friend of mine with a very unique mission. Cindy is a wife, mom, musician, writer, Christ follower and friend to many. She is also a private music teacher, teaching 25 piano and voice students each week. She has a BA in music from Northwest University and has been involved in ministry and music her whole life. She is passionate about motivating students young and old to be the best they can be .  I'm sure you will be inspired by reading more about her... 1. Please tell us a little about yourself. I am a very positive person (most of the time) have learned to appreciate my friends and family well....

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