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We've been busy here at Art of Eloquence making changes in order to bring you even more incredible reasources. If you haven't been to the home page in a while, check out the changes there!  But what I wanted to share with you today was this... x So I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning before church reading the Bible and contemplating what else I could do for my readers, subscribers and fans when the Lord put some incredible ideas into my head.  They came one at a time to allow me to process the information and write it down.  Isn't God amazing that way?  Here's a short little blog post just to introduce them to you. x Brand...

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Word Wednesday: Natural

I was cleaning up my draft file a while back and found 109 articles or series of articles that I never finished.  This one spoke to me and I thought I'd post it now. You may never know it by listening to political rhetoric, TV commercials or the main-stream media, but words actually mean things.  Specific things!  If we allow ourselves to get caught up in the current trend to re-define words and to use them as we see fit, we end up saying nothing of value.  If we don't realize that today's societal trend is to adopt a Shakespearian attitude in applying meanings to words, we may be fooled into believing something that just isn't so. In the next...

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