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Do we really need the letter C?

Of all the letters of the alphabet, I have always thought the letter "c" a bit superfluous. After all, the letter "k" can take over for words with the hard "k" sounds as in: kite, kind, kindred and kitten so why not use it for "kalorie,  korner, kandy and kopy?"   The letter "s" can pinch hit for words with "s" sounds as in: sound, sign, silly and senses so why not use it for "sylinder" and "sytoplasm?" If we laid off the letter "c," kindergarten kids would only have 25 letters of the alphabet to "kopy."  Weight watchers would "kount kalories" and kids would eat "kandy korn" unless they didn’t eat their "serial" in the morning. Oh, I know what...

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