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My Reasons vs Your Excuses

If Shakespeare can do it, so can I!  I just invented a word: "reascuses" (ree-sku'-sez).  "Reascuses" are when the line between reasons and excuses is intentionally blurred.  "Reascuses" are...well... Take a look at my latest JoJoism: JoJoism#49 "A reason is what I have for not doing something for you.  An excuse is what you have for not doing something for me."  JoJoisms: Revealing Life's i think of 'em! My reasons are often in conflict with your excuses and so the lines are blurred to make the excuses appear more like they are reasons.  Any excuse I give is really a reason and any reason you give, if it conflicts with what I want to hear, is an excuse! For...

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