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FBI Headquarters Wants ME!

I end our first week of Effective Communication Month with a real life spam funny.  This is an actual email I received last week.  Notice how "realistic" it looks?  ROFL  This one's pretty funny and, even though I've never had any encounters with the FBI, I can tell this is not something I need to respond to.  What's wrong with this picture?  How can you tell this spammer isn't really the FBI?  Here are a few big red flags: 1. The subject line says, "Email from FBI." I've never received an email from the FBI, but I don't think my first contact with the FBI would be an email that said, "Email from FBI." 2. The From field says "FBI...

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June is Effective Communication Month

June is Effective Communication Month!  I found that out because my computer was electronically communicating with the world wide web the other day and I happened across a holiday website that told me so. honor of Effective Communication Month, I'm going to be posting about the areas of our every day lives that are affected by communication skills and giving you all some tips for each one.  Each day will focus on a different area of life. I actually wanted to post an audio from a seminar I gave this past week. Unfortunately, TalkShoe didn't work and play well with others that day.  There was some miscommunication between my technology and their technology and, well, it wasn't pretty.  I'm...

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