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Fri Fun: Celebrating Gutenberg

On this day, February 3, 1468, Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, died.  I've been talking about communication technology all week and wanted to end the week with this Friday Funny celebrating the advancement of communication technology that began with Gutenberg's printing press in about 1439. Here now is the famous Mideival Help Desk illustrating that people have always had difficulty with new technology.   If you liked this post, please subscribe to our RSS feed and share the link…

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Technology is a Wonderful Thing...Until it Isn't!

Technology is an amazing tool with which we can enrich our lives by communicating with and learning from people all around the world.  It allows us to have a long distance friendship, keep in touch with our college kids away from home, meet amazing people, build a business faster and more efficiently, and to research and learn things in seconds that would have taken hours or even years the old fashioned way: the card catalog!  However, when technology burps, we can find ourselves in 57 varieties of hot water! My cable company decided to upgrade their outdated equipment in order to “improve” their service to me and ended up taking down the entire phone, internet and cable for all of...

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