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Email Speak and Text Art

The Information Age is rife with new communication such as emoticons and email shorthand.  Those who grew up in it understand this "language" but others are just learning. "Oh ((((Mary))))  r u ok?  I'll cu l8tr 2nite.  U have a g8 wkend w/o him.  ;D" Did you get all that? Maybe you need a translation.  "Oh, Mary (hugs).  Are you ok?  I'll see you later tonight.  You have a great weekend without him. (wink/smile)"  But texting and email has produced some interesting text art too.  Take a look at the things you can use to help you communicate over the information superhighway! @};--- Rose ------------------------------------------------------------- (::()::) Bandaid ------------------------------------------------------------- (\_/) (^_^) ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,(___)O Bunny ------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you enjoyed those as they are...

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