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JoJoisms: JoJo on Aging

Finishing off Birthday Bash week!  Today is Friday and you know what that means here at Communication FUNdamentals!  It's Friday Funnies! Birthdays always remind us of our age whether it's our own, our kids' or the anniversary of an event.  Eight years ago (almost) we began our family business, Art of Eloquence, and eight years ago I was MUCH younger!  lol  When I think of getting older, I think of humor because it helps the process along! ROFL So today for Friday Funnies, I thought I'd share some of my JoJoisms on aging.  Enjoy! JoJoism#8 Midlife Crisis is having to reconcile gray hair and pimples. JoJoism#9 Getting old’s not so bad.  The cold you feel from hypothyroidism is neutralized by...

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