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How to Communicate Love Part4: How do you know?

Pulling this month's blog series all together, here's what we learned from this blog series so far: Words don't always communicate love, but specific details communicate love more effectively. Actions communicate love. Thoughtful, personalized, and even inexpensive gifts can communicate more love. How do you determine what your spouse considers showing love? Listen! 1. Listen to the comments your spouse makes when he/she receives a gift.  Listen to what they don't say.  Read between the lines. 2. ASK!  Trust me when I say that it doesn't ruin the mystery if you go right up to her and ask what kinds of ways she likes to feel your love.  It doesn't destroy the space/time continuum if you ask your husband how...

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How to Communicate Love Part2: Actions

Last week we looked at communicating love with the words we use, but there are so many other ways to communicate love!  We often don't even have to say a word to show someone that we love them.  Here are just a few ways: 1. Hugs A hug is a love language most people understand.  Sometimes no words are necessary.  The hug has healing powers.  It transforms empty words into a feeling like nothing else can. And how long should a hug last?  A quick hug is what guys do for each other.  They don't want to linger too long over a hug with another man.  But a hug between spouses should last longer than it takes to regain your...

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