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Are you posting clickbait and don't know it? What you should know!

 It's all over Facebook:   "Only genius can see this!" "What kind of dog are you" "Who's your celebrity look-alike?" "What your birth month says about you" "What will you look like at 100?"  "Can you spot the difference? Almost nobody can do this!" They seem like harmless fun but here are some reasons why you don't want to do this: First a Little Background:  Facebook has been systematically limiting the reach we have with our posts for years. They only show a tiny percentage of our friends, fans, or group members each of our posts. That makes more work for fan page owners and group leaders who want to make sure their posts are shown to at least a significant...

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5 Facebook Things About Me

All this week I'm talking about social networking with Facebook.  One of the things that dominate Facebook are the quizzes and 5 Things About Me!   Some people love them and some try to avoid them like the plague.  lol  But since it is part of the culture of Facebook, I thought I'd do my own Facebook Quiz or 5 Facebook Things About Me. Feel free to post your answers here as a blog comment.  If you want, you can post your answers on your Facebook page and reference this blogpost. Facebook Quiz/5 Facebook Things About Me 1. What is listed in your Facebook Bio? 2. Do you take Facebook Quizzes? 3. Do you like the Facebook applications? Have you ever...

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