Is Grace a Two Way Street?

Have you subscribed to Communication FUNdamentals’ RSS Feed?  Don’t miss a post! Before I start posting my 10 Quick Rules for Disagreeing in Grace, I want to start off Grace Month with an article I wrote a while back.  Is Grace a Two Way Street? It talks about two news items where the speaker didn't speak in grace, but it also talks about how Christians should react according to God's Word and why that is most effective.  Here is an excerpt from "Is Grace a Two Way Street?" "God gave each of us free will and there are times when folks will choose to be evil with their mouths.  Sometimes they don’t mean it the way it sounded and sometimes they mean it exactly the way it sounded.  Either way, instead of getting angry and lashing out, let’s address the issues fairly and in grace.  Let’s call it wrong but let’s do so with respect and in love.  Why?" To find out, read the entire article here! x *SUBSCRIBE HERE*: For Even More Communication Fun, FREE Gifts and Exclusive Offers! x


  • Cindy Holman

    Great article JoJo – and I love how you mentioned the movie “Fireproof” – what an amazing story – and so true – God loves us and show us grace and mercy even when we are unlovable and don’t deserve it – amazing.

  • Joan

    I missed the Megan Fox controversy. If she really did say that, how sad for her! Jesus basically covers it all when in Luke 6:28 “bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you”. I believe he says to ‘bless them’ because they have basically already cursed THEMSELVES with the words they’ve said, and to pray for them to not only bring the power of God into the situation, but because again, they are bringing themselves under judgement— because…if they really knew what they were doing and how it’s negatively affecting them in the spiritual realm… they most likely wouldn’t. do or say the evil. By following Luke 6:28 it also helps us keep the right heart attitude because we, as humans, want to retalitate. Vengeance belongs to God…He will repay.

  • jojosblog

    We all get frustrated and hurt at times. I’m going to give some tips that will help. It takes a conscious effort because of our human nature. It’s best when we have some ideas in the back of our mind when we encounter things like this.

  • Carla

    I agree with everything you say in the article, but did you notice how Megan Fox was revered in certain circles for saying what she did? Heck, our president made a similar comment (not quite as vicious) during the campaign. Christian-bashing is one of the last acceptable prejudices. And, yes, I know we’re supposed to act like Jesus and forgive them and speak in grace and love in return. We’re also human. It’s not easy, especially when you keep getting hit hard every day. I try to do it like you say, but I’ll freely admit I don’t always make it.

    Can’t wait for the series to start. Obviously, I need help!

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