Does *Speling* and *Badly* Grammar Count?

This month we've been talking about the deadly communication sins of advertising from my article, "The 12 Deadly Communication Sins of Advertising."  What a coinkydink, eh?  Today I'd like to talk about: *Badly* Grammar and *Speling* The written word has always required proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, but in recent years, email has become an accepted form of communication with our customers. Email is generally a more informal communication prone to incomplete sentences, abbreviations and typos. These are all generally accepted as appropriate among friends and co workers, not, however, for customers! Misspellings, typos and bad grammar all tell our customers that we don't take the time to do things properly. Done too often, it can make a message almost unintelligible! One of the most basic mistakes I see is not creating paragraphs. Nobody wants to read one long run-on sentence. When the eye sees a two page sentence, it sends a message to the fingers to hit that happy delete button. Skip lines between thoughts to make it easier for your customers to follow you. You don't even need to indent anymore. It is perfectly acceptable these days. I know several people who cringe when they see words *speled* incorrectly or encounter *badly* grammar.  It just sort of *ribs* them the wrong way.  My dh is one of those who will discount anything riddled with *spilling erors* as he says it "insults his intelligence."  To me, it just calls into question the quality of their product when the don't take the time to *profreed* or even notice that they need to *take take* out duplicate *wards.* What about you?  Does *baad splelling* and grammar count with you?  *Dose* it bother you if someone sends you an email filled with *tapos" and "erorrs?*  Or do you *ovrlok* such things? x *SUBSCRIBE HERE*: for More Communication Fun, FREE Gifts and Exclusive Offers! x


  • Cindy Holman

    It’s a turn off for sure!

  • Carla

    Well, you know I’M with your DH on this one! I will “X” out of a site so fast or delete an email quicker than the speed of light when it’s filled with this stuff. As you say, personal correspondence is one thing and I don’t proof my personal stuff either. But when it’s out there for the world? You need to watch it. I am snagging this for the GhostWriteHer page on FB!

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