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Say What You Mean for Teens is now only $7!

Art of Eloquence announced today that it will be lowering the price of their introductory product, Say What You Mean for Teens, to only $7.  The company plans to make this product available as an introductory offer so that customers can test get a good solid foundation in general communication skills before delving into the typical and most popular speech and debate curricula.   Founder, JoJo Tabares, says, "Most people are too quick to jump into speech and debate but neglect to teach the more foundational general communication techniques that are built upon in our speech and debate curricula.  While we do give a brief overview of these techniques in the beginning of our speech study, I wanted to make sure...

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New Blog Segment: Ask JoJo

Ask JoJo is a segment Art of Eloquence used to have on their blog and newsletter as well as their Facebook fan page.  However, they are bringing it back so that JoJo Tabares, the owner behind the 14 year old company, may answer customer's questions.  It will only be available on their blog so she asks that her customers subscribe to the blog in order to benefit from the answers she provides. She also invites customers to post comments on the blog posts to ask their own questions so that she may choose one or a few from that month's post to answer the next month.  She asks,"What communication issue are you or your family struggling with most right now?...

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Facebook Fan Page Surpasses 2400 Fans!

Art of Eloquence has just surpassed 2400 Facebook fans!  The company, which will celebrate its 14th year in business this November, has been posting and sharing fun and creative language puns, communication tips, and articles on Facebook since 2008.   Art of Eloquence shares daily and invites its fans to like, comment, and share their thoughts on communication, ask questions and interact.  It's been described as a fun place to hang out and learn the inner workings of effective communication.   To join the fun, click their Facebook fan page link and "like" their page. 

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