Say What You Mean for Teens is now only $7!

Art of Eloquence announced today that it will be lowering the price of their introductory product, Say What You Mean for Teens, to only $7.  The company plans to make this product available as an introductory offer so that customers can test get a good solid foundation in general communication skills before delving into the typical and most popular speech and debate curricula.  

Founder, JoJo Tabares, says, "Most people are too quick to jump into speech and debate but neglect to teach the more foundational general communication techniques that are built upon in our speech and debate curricula.  While we do give a brief overview of these techniques in the beginning of our speech study, I wanted to make sure it was easier for parents to gain access to these vital skills. It's important to have a good firm foundation before you build upon that to include speech and debate."  

The study is currently for sale at $20, but newsletter subscribers will be notified of this special offer this month (September 2016) and given a coupon code with which they may purchase the study for only $7.  Customers will need to be subscribed in order to receive this newsletter mailing.  


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