Say What You Mean: Debating the Issues

Say What You Mean: Debating the Issues


How to Effectively Discuss Controversial Political Issues without Arguments

The political climate in the United States is volatile.  Most political discussions are heated, but they need not be.  If you are a Christian and find yourself on the typical Christian conservative view of each issue, but aren't sure how to voice your concerns without ending up in a heated discussion, this eBook is for you!

This is an eStudy like NO OTHER!  Say What You Mean: Debating the Issues helps you understand the issues, but it also teaches you tips and techniques for presenting your Christian conservative viewpoints in a way that will be much more effective and friendly. 

Many people think of discussing politics as a debate and, in a way, it is.  However, since most people don't discuss politics in a formal debate setting, they find they aren't as effective when they have a debate mentality.  Most people discuss political issues around a dinner table, on the internet or with a neighbor in the front yard.  This is where the grassroots political discussions take place. That's why I wrote Say What You Mean: Debating the Issues.  Here is an outline of this almost 100 page study:

Section I: Introduction

Section II: Economic Issues

1. ObamaCare
2. The Economy: Stimulus, Jobs and Government Spending
3. Big Government and Government Takeover

Section III: Constitutional Rights Issues

1. Gun Control
2. Abortion
3. Conservative Discrimination
4. Fairness Doctrine
5. Parental Rights vs Rights of a Child

Section IV: Race Issues

1. Immigration and the Border
2. War on Terror and Weak Foreign Policy
3. Racism and Racial Profiling

Section V: Religious Issues

1. Christian Discrimination
2. Separation of Church and State
3. Ground Zero Mosque

Section VI: Miscellaneous Issues

1. Environment and Global Warming
2. Cap and Trade
3. Tea Party Movement

Section VII: Additional Resources

eStudy includes:

* Background on each topic.
* General tips for discussing each issue.
* An At a Glance Chart with the major viewpoints on both sides of each issue.
* How to discuss each topic if you only have a few minutes.
* How to discuss each topic if you have more time. 
* Embedded resource links where you can learn even more information on each topic.
* Practical advice to help you practice.

FREE Sample Lesson

You'll learn more about the issues and how to effectively present them an a typical discussion!

Say What You Mean: Debating the Issues will help teens and adults alike to prepare to discuss some of the nation's most important political issues.  The other side is voicing their views.  It's time for us to share the Christian conservative views. 

We only have two more years until our next presidential election.  Become more informed on the issues.  Help yourself and your family become more comfortable and effective in sharing your Christian and conservative viewpoints. 

Order Say What You Mean: Debating the Issues today!  

This is one of our most powerful eStudies at a time when respectful and effective discourse is sorely needed in our country.  Order today! 

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