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It's Convention Day!

What are you doing here at Communication FUNdamentals?!  You should be over at the Say What You Mean Convention today having fun and learning from all our fabulous speakers! lol Have Fun!  And don't forget to enter our contests for a chance to win a prize package worth $200! Here is the talkcast where the live events will take place and where you can access all the pre-recorded audios!  ENJOY!

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Only 48 hours left to enter our drawings!

Ok so you're coming to the 5th Annual Say What You Mean Convention, right?  You've got in on your calendar to hear my interview with Christian Comedian Michael Jr. at 8am PST and then our fabulous line up of seminars and workshops throughout the day.  You're bringing your kids to enter our Name That Sound Contest, you're ready to enter our Scavenger Hunt  contest to win a prize package of $200, and you've invited your homeschool friends to come check out all the fabulous pre-recorded audios that will be released on February 3rd.  So what did you forget? You forgot to enter our drawings!! But it's not too late!  You still have 48 hours left to sign up to enter...

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