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Yankee Pledge of Doodle

Today's Friday Funny is actually a fun activity I use in my communication studies to drive home the point that you cannot talk and listen at the same time.   Most of the kids in my classes have so much fun with this one but they are so busy laughing, they don't notice they are learning!  Here's how it works: Have one of your children sing Yankee Doodle while the other recites the Pledge of Allegiance.  See how long you can go without messing up...or ...cracking up!   Really try to listen to the other person as you  recite your part.  Get's kind of difficult now doesn't it?  lol If your child knows the song too well, here is a more advanced...

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Does your qualifications expire?

I find spam fascinatingly funny.  Fortunately for me, my inbox is stocked daily with fascinating bits of miscommunication to keep me occupied.  Take this one for example: "Does your qualifications expire?" (Is that proper Inglish?) Academic Qualifications available from prestigious NON-ACCREDITED universities.  (It's so prestigious, it's not accredited?) Get the prestige that you deserve today! Move ahead in your career today! Bachelors, Masters and PhD's available in your field and have those prestigious letters after your name!  (MMM, PhNaD: Master of Misleading Marketing and Prestigious Holder of Non Accredited Documents) No examinations! No classes! No textbooks!  (No prestige!) Call to register and receive your qualifications within days! 24 hours a day 7 days a week!  (to call  or to receive...

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