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Birthday Bash w/8 Ways to Win

8 FUN Ways to Win! 18+ Prizes! Contest Runs: August 1st-October 31st, 2010 ------- This is our BIGGEST contest EVER! November 1st Art of Eloquence will celebrate eight years in business.  In recent years, we have celebrated by offering a few hours of online fun and a contest where we gave away a prize package to one lucky winner.  This year, we would like to offer THREE MONTHS of fun and give away 18+ prizes!  So this year we have eight fun ways for you to win from August 1st through October 31st! ... 1. Our Facebook Fan Page members will be able to play Communication Bingo. Here's how this will work. I will post 75 different communication terms on the fan page and...

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Birthday Bash Contests Coming in August

X It's Birthday Bash Time Again! x Art of Eloquence will be celebrating its eighth birthday this November.  Each year we've had a Birthday Bash to celebrate where our customers won free prizes, but this year will be even more exciting because there will be EIGHT different ways to win! AND...much more than eight prizes awarded! Say tuned to Communication FUNdamentals blog, What's New at Art of Eloquence eNewsletter or the Art of Eloquence Facebook Page for details coming soon! It'll be our biggest Birthday Bash EVER!  It's our birthday, but YOU could walk away with the gifts...the FREE GIFTS!

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