Survey: Do You Like Valentine's Day?

There is so much hype about Valentine's Day, but I know several people who really don't like to feel forced to celebrate. It feels too commercial or they feel it's too much pressure to be memorable.  

I was wondering if it really did communicate love at all anymore or if it was just a day couples felt they needed to celebrate or their partner/spouse would feel left out.  

Do you think Valentine's Day communicates love? Or do you feel it's too forced/commercial?  Here's a little survey. Please share your thoughts.  

1. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Why or Why not?

2. Is Valentine's Day meaningful to you?

3. What would make Valentine's Day meaningful to you?

4. Do you think Valentine's Day really communicates love?

5. Do you believe Valentine's Day is too forced?  


  • JoJo Tabares

    I know so many who agree with you, Janet. My dh and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and we’ve been married 30 years.

  • Janet

    1. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Why or Why not? No, never did. We celebrate/honor/ respect each other every day. We have been married over 25 years . I don’t need candy that will make be chubby or flowers that die or a sappy card that tells me sweet nothings. No need for a special day. Plus, the V.D seems to about getting and not giving.

    2. Is Valentine’s Day meaningful to you? Of course not.

    3. What would make Valentine’s Day meaningful to you? I don’t need a special day to know that I am or to tell my husband that he is.

    4. Do you think Valentine’s Day really communicates love? No

    5. Do you believe Valentine’s Day is too forced? Yes. It’s funny, everyone told us we need to go on a “date night” phewy on that. I like hanging out with him right where we are. It’s nice that we are both content with where we are and don’t need all they false hype to say you are a couple.

  • JoJo Tabares

    It’s been so interesting seeing all the different answers. Some love it. Some hate it. For some it brings fond memories. For others bad ones. I think the idea of it is a noble one, but it often takes on such a forced and commercial tone. It is my prayer that the spirit of the day would inhabit all of our days.

  • Patrysha

    Oh see! I don’t even know how to answer that question. It’s totally complicated for me. I love Valentine’s Day. Not the commercialism. The I’m going to spend special attention saying I love you today. It doesn’t have to cost a penny. Commercialism is a choice not a requirement for any celebration.

    Sadly, I loved it sooo much that I chose it for my wedding day. And as we all know that ended after 22 years of hanging on to the very flipping ends of the earth. Well the arctic and back at least.

    So now my new man finds it uncomfortable to celebrate – so now I have to wait till everyone else is done faking it and hating it before I can celebrate. Which my cheap side sure does appreciate.

    But I did a whole clearing session three years ago to reclaim the day for me and consider it love myself Day cuz no one says love has to be Romantic love.

  • JoJo Tabares

    Thank you, Carolyn and Reemi! There are so many ways to think about this day. I appreciate you taking the time to share yours. Very good points!

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