9 Phrases that Make You Sound Less Experienced Part 3

Two months ago, I began this series about nine things you say in business that can make you sound less experienced.  Parts one and two are still available for your reading pleasure, but now I bring you part three:  "Is that OK?"

When you do have to run something by your boss, team member, or coworker, don't say, "Is that ok?"  This line sounds weak. It sounds like you don't know if your idea is a good one or not. It also sounds like you are grasping at straws trying to figure out what will work. 

Making stronger statements will allow others to see your leadership skills which are needed in business if you are going to get ahead.  If you aren't sure your idea will work, you might want to get more information before you suggest it.  If you ARE sure, sound like it! 

A leader must look and act the part if he is going to have the success needed for a proper command.”-General George Washington to his commanders

Do yourself a favor and say something more in line with this: "Let me know by Friday if you'd like me to proceed." 

Not only is this statement stronger, but it gives the other person a deadline. If you don't have a deadline for answers, you will flounder in your efforts to implement these changes. In addition, giving a deadline makes you appear more like a leader. 

Lastly, this is a statement and not a question. Statements are more authoritative while questions (in this situation) are much less so.  

So, out with the "Is this ok?" and in with authoritative statements that convey that you are a strong leader with great ideas!  

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