Nine Phrases that Make You Sound Less Experienced - Part 2

So, if you'll remember last month I began a new series that will help those who either are an employee or a small business owner.  Part one talked about saying the phrase, I don't know. This month, I'd like to address I'll have to ask my boss. 

2. "I have to ask my boss"
Even if you are a low-level employee, a CEO, or a small business owner, saying that you'll need to ask someone can make you appear as if you have no authority.  

While there are some things you will want to discuss with any number of people before you commit to something, you don't want to make yourself appear as if you aren't an important part of the process.  

Another way to put it would be to tell them that you want to do some research or discuss with your team before proceeding.  This makes it sound as if you're working out the details instead of incapable of making a decision on your own.  It also says you are a collaborator, a team player, and that you have a group of experts gathered to make the most of this idea rather than a low man on the ladder of success who needs to ask permission to move ahead.  

That being said, there is one time when a small business owner would do well to intimate that you are not the sole decision maker.  If you are investing in real estate, for example, but you have a silent investment partner, you may want to say something like, "Let me run it by my partner," before moving ahead with the deal just to give you time to do your due diligence. Running it by a partner isn't quite the same thing as asking his permission.  It's a much stronger statement. 

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