Hardest Part About Being a Mom is Keeping Them Alive?!

"The hardest part about being a mom is I have to keep a human being alive."  Seriously?!  Pretty Wicked Moms is a "reality show" on Lifetime that is not to be taken seriously. However, when I saw the preview for this, the mom in me was highly insulted.  And I think all moms should be...all REAL moms I should say.  Not only that, but I felt as if so many moms I run into on the street these days seem to have taken this line to heart.  My thoughts on the matter: If you think that just keeping your child alive is the hard part, you're not really a mom. You're a baby sitter, a care giver, a trained monkey mom, but you aren't a real mom no matter what reality show you're in!  Keeping a human being alive is the EASY part!  There's nothing much to it.  A real mom loves, educates, trains, reprimands, prepares, supports and prays over her child!  A real mom instills values, trains up a child in the way he should go, and tells him about God and how much he is loved by Him.  A real mom is so much more than just someone who makes sure little Johnny is fed and wears the latest baby clothes.  A real mom takes more than that. It takes heart and often blood, sweat and tears. baby faceThis line of thinking is a dangerous idea to adopt as your children will suffer.  If you think your job is just to keep them alive, you are missing the most important part of motherhood and you are depriving your child of love, nurturing, education, preparation, self esteem, and so much more. You may be thinking that’s not me, but so many of us moms are so tired and overwhelmed that we forget that we are here to do more than just keep our children safe.  Have you hugged your son today?  Have you taught him, instead of doing it FOR him?  Have you spent time getting to know your teen?  Have you asked your daughter how she feels about things? Have you talked more about your Me Time? Have you posted on Facebook that you can't wait for school to start so the kids aren't under foot? I think we have all fallen for this line of thinking at times.  May God keep us moms on the straight and narrow to be the role model, teacher, and supporter that God expects of us and not a woman who is more concerned with her own needs that she neglects the needs of the precious souls God put in our care. NOTE: Don’t forget to submit your communication questions to jojo@artofeloquence.com for my monthly Ask JoJo section of my blog.  I’ll pick one question per month to answer right here on the blog!  You can ask anything related to communication skills from a tip on how not to be nervous making a speech to what games your kids can play that will help them hone their communication skills and even if your website or blog is clearly written! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ If you liked this post, read…Seven Reasons Why YOU Should Sign Up for the Art of Eloquence Newsletter!

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