A Story of Image

Driving through town this past weekend, we saw a young man dressed in "hip hop" like attire with a bit of razor stubble holding a cardboard sign with something on it written in black ball point pen.  Stop right there.  What's the image that comes to mind?  Yup.  That's what we thought, too. On one side was written "Call me" with his phone number.  He mouthed the words, "Call me" and flipped the cardboard sign over.  On the other side was written, "God loves you!"  He mouth the words, "God loves you."  Now what image comes to mind? First of all, the image that came to mind wasn't of him.  It was of me.  The word that came to my mind now was convicted.  I was convicted.  Here I had thought that he was begging for money when he was really wasn't asking for anything at all, except to help.  He had given out his phone number to complete strangers in order to share God's love with them.  Stop right there.  What image comes to mind now?  That's what we thought, too. How many people would he actually get to call him?  If you already knew the Lord, you probably wouldn't call.  If you didn't and weren't ready to hear it from your family or neighbors, you probably wouldn't call a complete stranger, would you?  Or would you?  What image comes to mind at this point?
"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9
What's the word that comes to mind now?  That's what we thought, too.  The word that came to mind for us was ineffective.  But then, my mind began to think of two things and, again, the word convicted came to me. What if you were at the end of your rope or at the end of your faith at the moment you passed by this young man's sign?  What image would come to mind for you?  That's what we thought, too.  Someone who cared was offering help, a shoulder to cry on, a smile at the other end of that phone for the weary. How many people would actually take advantage of this young man's offer?  Probably not that many, but if even one soul was comforted or, even better, turned to Jesus, there would be rejoicing in Heaven.  What image comes to mind now?  That's what we thought, too.  This selfless soul was putting himself out there in public to be judged, ignored or worse in order to help another person find the love of Jesus. Now one more image came to mind.  He wasn't pushing a flyer in people's face.  He wasn't dragging someone to church.  He wasn't arguing the merits of turning from sin.  He wasn't "doing" anything.  He wasn't offensive.  Even the most staunch Atheist would have a hard time getting angry with this young man.  He was simply offering love and support.  Offering, to whomever would like to take him up on it.   The image that came to mind at this point for us was of a changed heart, not only for those hurting and in need of Jesus, but those of us Christians passing by.  It warmed my heart.  It changed my heart.  It showed me another way to show God's love. This young man may have only done this that one time and perhaps nobody ever called him, but he shared God's love to all who passed by that day.  What image comes to mind for you?  Share your thoughts. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ To learn more about how to do this and other communication topics, receive free gifts and exclusive offers, subscribe to our newsletter!  Subscribe now and get JoJo’s eBook, Communication Activities: Finding time to Communicate with Your Children in a Busy World.


  • Art of Eloquence

    I have never in my life seen this, but there was something about how he was acting that made me want to read the sign. I really don’t know what it was. Maybe it was God.

  • Carla

    Not sure. I tend not to read signs of people holding them up on streets as you drive by. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this around here. Mostly “will work for food” type stuff. There are a few billboards that have phone numbers, web site addies, etc. with the Gospel message on them, but I’m not sure how they pull either. I would probably think he was pretty brave to be doing this, especially in this day and age.

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