Birthday Bash: 11am-Write Integrity Press

Tracy Ruckman from Write Integrity Press will be sharing on the Art of Eloquence Facebook fan page this Birthday Bash half hour.  Here is what she is offering as a prize for this half hour’s contest: Which Witch? is for middle-grade readers. It tells the story of kids in public school who form a Christian club and combat witchcraft that is trying to take root in their school. It is a very powerful book. We screened it with parents and kids before we published it, and the parents thought it might be “too churchy” while the kids didn’t think that at all. The kids made comments like, “It taught me how to stand up to bullies, and how to pray for my class when bad things happen.” To win this prize, you will need to post a comment to this blog post answering this question:  Share how important you believe 1Peter 3:15 is to a Christian form the scripture listed on our Faith page!  For an extra chance to win this prize, list one of the two JoJoisms posted on this page.  (HINT: Only one is listed as a JoJoism. The other is just part of the text.) We’ll be picking a winner from among the correct answers and contacting you via email so make sure you leave your email address on your comment post. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for another chance to win a Birthday Bash prize from Art of Eloquence!  And you might want to subscribe to the blog RSS feed so you don’t miss a contest today! (DISCLAIMER: Communication FUNdamentals, our blog, normally only posts three times a week (MWF) but today we are having a new post/contest each half hour of the Birthday Bash.)


  • Urailak

    It is very important to be well prepared to defend our faith and to share our beliefs effectively (with gentleness and respect). We are Christ’s ambassadors; therefore, we should be effective communicators for Him :).

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