July is Cell phone Courtesy Month

July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month and Freedom from Fear of Speaking Month!  Wow!  What a month for communication stuff, eh? In honor of these two most important celebrations ("communicationally" speaking), I'd like to remind everyone not to: * Send text messages in the movie theater creating spectacles of light while others are trying to watch the movie. * Have a conversation with Uncle Vinny about his gallstone surgery while at a fancy restaurant. * Forget to check out Art of Eloquence.com for all the fun ways to learn to communicate effectively in almost any situation! x If you liked this post, make sure to subscribe to our RSS Feed so you don’t miss one and SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter: for even MORE communication fun, FREE gifts, Book of the Month Club and exclusive excerpts and offers we don’t share with ANYONE else but our subscribers! x


  • jojosblog

    I’m not sure if this is true all over the country, but here in Arizona, there are cell phone courtesy warnings before the movie starts! THAT’s how bad it is. The second “holiday” is about public speaking, yes. ;D

  • Carla

    Hoo boy, did you nail this one! Irresponsible cell phone use is becoming a problem of epic proportions. We won’t even talk about texting while driving (spell that D-E-A-T-H). The last movie we went to, lots of folks were doing that flashy light thingy. Drove me bonkers! Do you think folks really need a Fear of Speaking Month? They’re not too afraid of doing it around me! Oh, you mean when NOT on a cell phone, right?

  • jojosblog

    You’re right, Cindy. It doesn’t stop some.

  • Cindy Holman

    We have a warning before a movie starts here too. It doesn’t stop some people – in fact the guy next to us in one movie not too long ago – answered his cell phone in the middle of a movie. Good grief – how rude.

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