Pssst! Wanna get married?

This week, I'm talking about Facebook Faux Pas.  Communication on Facebook is often seen as somehow different from communication elsewhere so things are regularly done (said) over Facebook that would NEVER be tolerated in person. On Wednesday, I told you about the issue of adding people to Facebook groups without asking their permission or gaining their consent.  Today is about dating. Over the weekend, I received another in a series of Facebook messages about dating.  (No, this picture is not him, though I sincerely doubt the picture he has posted on his Facebook wall is him either.)  Shockingly, this guy didn't just ask me if I liked Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.  After telling me a bit about himself, he asked if I would consider marrying a guy like him.  I'm waiting for Facebook to add a feature whereby he could add me as his wife without my consent!  lol Clearly, this man never read my bio in which I state, among other things, that I am already married.  Additionally, I would never consider marrying a man who can't put two grammatically correct sentences together!  But I digress... I found it deliciously comical that, upon visiting his wall to see what kind of man writes women he doesn't know and asks them to marry him, I found that Mr. Smith (yes that  is the name he posted!) "only shares some profile information with everyone." In fact, he shared NONE of his personal information.  I guess when you go around asking women you don't know to marry you, you have to be careful not to reveal too much.  Perhaps he shares his political affiliation and favorite books only AFTER the wedding??? Can you imagine a man walking up to a woman at a party, calling her "Pretty" instead of her name, telling her about his job and kid and asking if she'd consider marrying him?  Is this a joke?  Or does this guy really believe he can find a Facebook wife this way?  Either way, I would be disinclined. What say you?


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