I challenge you to a speech!

This month I’m going to challenge all you homeschoolers to teach an intimidating subject, if even for only four short, weekly lessons this month.  Each of my Monday posts here on Communication FUNdamentals this month will give you an easy and fun way to have your student(s) give a short speech. This week I’ll start with a very easy one.  Have your students stand up and share for a maximum of two minutes on the blessings of winter.  What do they like about winter?  What are things they get to do during the winter that they don’t get to do at other times of the year?  What holidays are there during winter? The goal here this first week is just to have them get used to standing up and speaking.  Don’t worry too much about the flow or eye contact or much of anything else.  This week is all about getting comfortable.  I’ll be back next week to share another fun idea. Please share your thoughts and experiences here and feel free to ask any questions you may have either about giving speeches or about Art of Eloquence speech studies! For more fun with speech communication, visit Art of Eloquence.com or subscribe to our newsletter! If you like these mini lessons, you'll love our newsletter!  We will be offering 4 mini speech communication lessons form each of six Art of Eloquence studies this year, but ONLY for our newsletter subscribers!


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    i like it

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    Great idea JoJo!

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