Movie Pictionary Quiz

Creative forms of communication can be entertaining, but they can also educate us, inform us, help us develop our powers of observation and sharpen our skills.  This week's Friday Funny is a creative quiz designed to help sharpen our minds, think critically and develop active listening skills.  However, if you have fun while spending time here at Communication FUNdamentals on Friday Funnies Day, so be it! Can you name these famous movies? ================================================================================ 1.

================================================================================ 2. ================================================================================ 3. ================================================================================ 4. ================================================================================ 5. ================================================================================ 6. ================================================================================ The more quickly you are able to make connections, the more easily you will be able to search your mind for examples to illustrate your point in conversation.  Keep your mind agile and get used to thinking on your feet.  Exercises like these help train your brain in the skills needed to communicate effectively in social situations.  Almost anyone can read a well-written speech, but it takes great skill to think on your feet while trying to debate an issue or converse with a deep thinker. For more creative fun with words and communication, visit Art of!


  • Sheri

    Oh my word! I won something! What a shock this morning to see I won, can’t wait to download it!

  • jojosblog

    Congratulations Sheri! You have won FIMMology 101: The FIMMportant, FIMMtastic and FUNbelievable Study of the Humorous Sins of Our Mouths!

    Thanks for playing everyone!

  • cindy holman

    I’m not sure about #4 either – but got the others :)

  • BeckyJoie

    Those are great! I love it. I would have guessed the same things as Sheri.I’m not sure about #4 though.

  • Sheri

    1.) Rambo 2.) Bambi 3.) Titanic 4.) The Green Mile (I think that’s wrong) 5.) Heidi 6.) Rocky

    I am sure I got #4 wrong as they are all one word answers and it’s also out of order. But I can’t for the life of me figure it out. Oh wait! I got it!

    4.) Fargo

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