21 Accents in 2 1/2 Minutes!

When I had my internet show, The Communication Comedy Network, I had to play several different people in a span of an hour.  I played a New York Newscaster, a Southern Roving Reporter, a British Professor and myself with a sort of California accent.  I found it difficult to switch back and forth between the accents and the accents I was doing were very different from each other. The woman in this video is absolutely amazing!  She does 21 different accents in a span of just two minutes and 36 seconds and some of the accents present only very subtle changes.  I don't know if the accents are 100% accurate, but I'll tell you one thing, this lady is talented!!!  I can't do it.  Can you? More communication fun brought to you by your friends at Art of Eloquence.com!


  • BeckyJoie

    That IS absolutely incredible!

  • Cindy Holman

    That’s AMAZING!! I can’t even do an english accent – and had to try for a play I was directing – it was HARD!!! She’s AMAZING!!

  • Jeffrey R.

    I just couldnt go away from your blog before telling that i really loved the quality info that you present to your readers… Might be back often to check up on unique stuff you report!

  • jojosblog

    Not sure what details you are talking about, but if you click on her video, she has her site listed.

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