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Art of Eloquence Has Had a Facelift!

I know what you're thinking!  I promised to do this two years ago, but try as I might, I was unable to find the time to redesign the site with all the other events and projects I had going.  December 31st was my final podcast and I immediately got to work and it's like Art of Eloquence bought a new hat!  See? We're still our old purple selves but we've got a totally new feel and I am happy to say it is MUCH easier to navigate and find what you are looking for! First, the home page is completely redesigned to reflect the fact that Art of Eloquence no longer has just homeschool curricula and that we now have communication studies for various situations!  Now you can easily find whatever you might be looking for whether homeschool curricula, speech and debate, leadership training, defending the faith or business just by clicking on one of the top buttons. Second, we have arranged it so that it is very easy to find and use all our free resources like my articles, blog, Foot in Mouth Man and all our free events!  You'll find each of these buttons up at the top of the home page for easy reference! A new feature is our Studies, Surveys and Statistics Page where you can read all about the research done on the importance of various communication skills and just who is looking for people who possess them!  We'll be adding more soon but I got bleary eyed and had to move on to another task! lol We now have a link right on the home page to our classic "Communication Effectiveness Quiz" where you can answer the questions to determine what areas of communication are your strengths and what areas are your weaknesses.  This is especially helpful for your children so you can understand where they need to be better prepared if they are going to be going to college in a few years! In addition, we now have a few communication quotes listed right on the home page that you can click through in order to read even more Bible and other quotes of communication wisdom!  I have TONS more of those to add but that will have to wait a bit too. Lastly, each of our subheadings has a new page that shares more about communication in that area of life and includes all the links to the various Art of Eloquence studies, audio classes and other resources that pertain to that communication topic.  The sub headings are: Homeschool Curricula, Speech and Debate, Leadership Training, Defending the Faith and Business Training. I spent all day yesterday writing, rewriting and updating many of the pages of the website.  I still have to re work the product pages, but I'm done with the other pages.  We even redesigned FIMM"s page last week! Since my eyes are now bulging out of my sockets and my brain is fried from looking at my monitor all day, I am wondering if you can help me see if I missed anything.  It's possible that there might be a link that doesn't go where it is supposed to or a word that has been misspelled.  We would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to go in and see for us. Please leave a comment with your thoughts.  Aside from the product pages, which all need to be redone yet, how do you like our new look?  Do all the links work?  Did we misspell a word?  Have a broken link?  Something that isn't clear?  Help us work the bugs out. Thank you much from the tired eyes, numb fingers and NEW DO that is now Art of!


  • Tammie

    JoJo I love it. I find it pleasing to the eye. You have such a great way of expressing yourself. I’m coming back to dig deeper when I have a few more minutes.

  • jojosblog

    Oh no. I can’t draw.

    The Art of Eloquence logo was drawn many years ago by Kathleen’s Kollections. The link is at the bottom of the Art of Eloquence website. I just added my hat. lol Over the years, I have added different hats to our logo including the graduation caps for the Art of Eloquence University logo.

  • Cindy Holman

    I LOVE it JoJo!!!! Did you draw this yourself??

  • jojosblog

    Thanks Laurie. I know how cluttered it was getting and I struggled with a way to make it easy to follow since we now offer so much.

    Thanks Merit. I designed it myself! LOL

  • MeritK

    Love the hat!

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