How hot is it in ARIDzona?

Boy it's been HOT here in ARIDzona!

Temp tn1

I've been posting about how hot it's been this summer here in Arizona, but I about laughed myself silly when I saw the day's "high" on my recently installed thermometer.  We found out later that the sensor gets direct sunlight in the afternoons so the reading is, shall we say..."slightly" off.   ROFL   The high that day was actually 114, which is pretty hot, but I don't think it gets this hot anywhere on planet earth! lol

However, then, my friend AJ sent me this picture of an Arizona Ice Cream Truck:

ARIDzona Ice Cream Truck

This is obviously doctored but, hey!  After all, it was just 139!  ROFL

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  • jojosblog

    Me too!! Can you imagine? I could just kiss the man who invented it! lol

  • cindy holman

    OH Wow!!! I’m so glad you all have air conditioning!!!

  • Laura

    I think we read recently that the highest recorded temp. in Death Valley was 134. I’ve been in Arizona when it was 120 and 100 at night….my kudos to the man who invented a/c. Now if we could only run it without going broke!

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