Customer NONservice?

Customer NONservice? My daughter called me at work to say I was to phone Ian at my bank. The customer service operator asked me what Ian's last name was and I explained that he hadn't left his surname. When she asked for his department, I said I didn't know. "There are 1500 employees in this building, ma'am," she advised me rather curtly. After a few more brusque comments, I asked her for her name. "Danielle," she said. "And your last name?" I asked. "Sorry," she replied, "we don't give out last names." From


  • Felice

    That is sooo typical! With customer service the axiom is “the customer is always right” …

    My pet peeve is waiting and the receptionist not even acknowledging that you exist. You don’t mind waiting when they say, “I’ll be with you in a moment.” …but to be ignored? You wonder if they even see you, or are they playing a hand held game behind the counter and don’t want to be distracted!

  • Ann

    Wow – I’m not sure what to say other than that. Wow.

  • LadyHawk

    What’s really bad is when you’re talking with a tech support rep and he’s eating potato chips as he’s trying to figure out your problem!

  • Cindy

    Working for the Action Center of a major corporation that is involved in the recent housing crisis. I hear so much from so many. It is irritating when the customer is returning the call of an associate and they likewise do not have a last name. However, I can assure you that I would never let a customer know my irritation at a situation they had no control over. Maybe your bank does not appreciate it’s customer.

    Sad that 99% of good customer service is patience and an even tone to your voice and yet so few come close to what I would call good customer service let alone simple courtesy.

  • cindy holman

    Are you KIDDING me???? How rude.

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