Where were you the summer of 1969?

My cohost Carla Ives AKA Ethel the Editor, asked a question on her blog today.  Thought I'd ask you all as well.  If you were old enough like me (or if you studied this period in history), what were the first words spoken on the moon?  You can answer by posting here or go to her blog and answer there.  Also Carla has some interesting news on a new Pro Life ad coming out.  Go check it out!


  • Joan

    The summer of 1969, I was in the throes of teenage angst— wondering where I fit it, etc. on the positive side, I was teaching myself French because in just a few more years, I planned to be on my way to the Sorbonne in Paris where I wanted to attend college.

  • HisFireFly

    The summer of 69 I was 13 and turning more rebellious by the minute. Praise God that He can and did redeem me.

    First words on the moon were often misquoted.. I believe they were -

    One step for a man, one step for mankind

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