Bad Baby Names

crying-babyMy brother and his wife are having their second baby.  It's a boy.  They have asked that the family keep the name suggestions to ourselves.  I guess we all got a bit overwhelming with the suggestions for their first child and they'd like to do this one SOLO.  Here's what started the whole family naming ritual... We already had a name picked out if our first child was a boy:  Christopher Ryan.  And it was supposed to be a boy.  She was supposed to be a boy.  The doctor told us she was a boy, but on the off chance she wasn't a boy, we needed a girl's name! My folks, well actually my mom, was a HUGE help in naming our daughter.  You see...what my husband called "traditional", I called BORING and what I called "unique", he called WEIRD!  I was eight months pregnant and it was apparent that, unless we found something soon that was not weird or boring, Baby Girl Tabares was going to appear on her birth certificate! Thankfully my mom had just seen an episode of L.A. Law where "Ann Kelsey" married "Stuart Markowitz" and had a baby: "Kelsey Markowitz".  Kelsey was apparently unique without being weird. Reminiscing about naming our daughter, we remembered a suggestion my father had for us, just in case we didn't like Christopher for a boy.  It's been a family joke for 19 yrs and I thought you might get a kick out of it today for Friday Funnies.  It helps if you say it with a New York accent:

Horace Morris Tabares

Do ya think they have a support group for this?


  • Nancy

    My husband named our second daughter Petra, but was trying out various middle names when my family started coming up with some goofy ones…
    Petra Oleum
    Petra Fied
    Petra Dish

    She ended up Petra Elexis.

  • Aimee

    Oh I remember those baby name picking out days…think we read every book with every name in it….wanted unique but not weird….

  • cindy holman

    I love this – baby names can be so amusing!!! We had many picked out too – and we love to make up new ones!!!

  • Tina

    This is too funny! Naming our first was was a major ordeal because my husband is a third. He wanted a new name and his family could not believe we were not naming our son the fourth. 14 years later I think they have finally forgiven us!

  • Carla

    I can’t wait to meet your Dad, JoJo. He has a sick, warped sense of humor. . .I like that in a guy! ROFLOL I’m also glad Kelsey is Kelsey and not “BG.” :) However, I’m sure your Dad could’ve come up with a similarly “unique and interesting” girl’s name, eh? One shudders at the thought! :)

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