How many mom sayings do you say in a day

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This week’s question: I'm sure, by now, you've seen this video of Anita Renfroe's "The Mom Song".  It is a communication marvel and always a fun few minutes spent.  This illustrates all the things moms say during a 24hr period condensed into the three minutes it takes to play the William Tell Overture. How many of these mom sayings have you uttered in the last 24 hours?

JoJo’s Answer: They're funny because our moms said them to us and after years of listening to them, they just pop out of our mouths from time to time as well. It's tradition!  It's habit, but if you think about it, it's not always the best way to foster real communication with your kids.  If you've heard me teach my Mother/Daughter Communication Workshop, you know that the biggest issue is with the phrase: "Because I said so." 

It doesn't explain a mother's heart nor does it give your child the feeling you've considered his feelings on the matter.  It's just an automatic response programmed in during childhood.  Consider the following exchange:

Mary: Hi Martha. How are you?
Martha: Fine, Mary. How are you?
Mary: Fine.

Nobody expects the other to say anything other than fine.  In fact, if and when someone does mess with the natural order of pleasantries, we are often uncomfortable and unprepared to respond.

Bill: Hi, Bob.  How are you?
Bob: Well actually my gout is acting up and I'll have to get my bunions removed next Thursday!
Bill: (as he misses several steps...)  Uhhhh....???

So to answer the question, I'd guess on a daily basis I say a few of them though.  The one I say about 12 times a day is "turn it down". Mostly that's for my son, but sometimes it's for my dh!  LOL

How many Mom Sayings have you uttered in the last 24 hours? 

Learning Communication skills can also be fun with Art of and there is a book I wrote called Say What You Mean for Moms that might help!


  • Linda - Practically at Home

    FAR too many.

    This is a hilarious routine by a fun sister in Christ, who is even funnier in person. Candid candor.

  • Rachel Poe

    Only about four or five today, lol. The “mom thing” I say the most to my dd6 is “I am the mom and what I say goes”. When she was about three I told her “I am the mom” and she looked at me and said, “And I am the Lauren” I had to leave the room so she would not see me laugh. Of course that would not be funny if she said it now that she is six…

  • Tammy

    LOL – I’ve said at least 3 of them – maybe more – in the past 24 hours. Ahh – the joys and frustrations of children. Thanks for a smile this morning.


  • cindy holman

    This is so funny! I have said so many of those when my kids were growing up – not so much any more – but I did! I don’t know how she says them all so fast in that song!!!

  • Dineen

    I do say, “Turn it down,” to my dh. My dd is only 18 months old, so my mommy sayings are very toddler-speak right now. I first saw this video when I was pregnant and wondered just how much I would take on and how much I could avoid falling into the trap of the “because I am the mom” sort of thing.
    What you say about automatic response being programmed, I’ve also observed a shortening of this. For instance:
    Fred: How are you.
    George: How are you.
    Neither man wants to know how the other is so much to the extent that the initial greeting is dropped and the “How are you?” itself becomes the greeting and both pass each other and go on. (Notice the lack of the question mark indicating the lack of inflection in the voice.)
    I’ve been so frustrated by the lack of meaning in the, “How are you?” greeting routine that I don’t answer it anymore other than with a smile. I also do try to break through social script when I can with a different question that’s not too invasive if it’s a stranger. I use something that conveys a sincere interest, something specific. “How are you enjoying this fine spring day?” to break through the barrier of the usual answer of, “Fine.”

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