e-Schizophrenic with Hypertronic Tendencies

Methuselah is on Technological Life Support and it's only a matter of time now.  He was fairly old when we adopted him into our family, but these days Methuselah's had some serious electronic health issues. Methuselah’s e-Schizophrenic with Hypertronic Tendencies. To put it in layman’s terms:

My computer hamster was overcome by CDrom fumes, fell off his e-Wheel and hit his head on the RAM!

barter-graphic-thumbnail1Methuselah is what I call my aging computer who is on his last electrode.  I'm afraid the Techno Alzheimer's has progressed to the point where he can no longer function in his current capacity.  What I mean to say is that  I can no longer function in MY capacity! It is with great elation that we are about to witness the inevitable passing of the e-Baton to a younger and more powerful piece of electronic wonderment. Private services for Methuselah will be held at Tabares Manor in a few days when the new computer arrives.  In lieu of flowers, prayer donations may be sent to:

www. I'm~At~My~Whits~End .com!

Anticipated Obituary: Methuselah served JoJo's father for a few years prior to joining the Tabares family as Electronic Communication Liaison with the outside world several years ago.  He served well for many years until he began to exhibit several severe signs of e-Schizophrenia communicating erroneous messages.  In his later years, he slowed down a great deal.  He exhibited slurred speech and began missing certain programs.  Occasionally he didn't show up for work and became confused as to which programs he was currently using. Methuselah is survived by a son, Methuselah Jr., who currently serves the Tabares's 9 y/o son.


  • jojosblog

    Hubby spent a few hours cleaning the registry, scanning for spyware and viruses last night to try to thwart any evil thought it had of crashing prior to my getting my new computer. After hours of diligent work the computer is EXACTLY the same as it was before he started.

    After valiant life-saving heroics, we find that Methuselah is terminal and there is just no way around it.

  • cindy holman

    Haha!!! Very Funny, JoJo!! I love it :)

  • Carla

    He will be appropriately mourned and sorely missed. . . for all of about five minutes when the new kid on the block gets up, running and proceeds to blow your socks off with his enhanced lightning speed!!! :)

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