Teen Pack

Teen Pack

Say What You Mean for Teens AND Know Your Audience. This will give you a speech program containing two studies that together encompass a full year's study in effective communication for Only $39.99. "You save $10!"

"My best compliment is on her original studies! My son has a traumatic brain injury and I truly thought I may have to leave some things out. Well, God is awesome and no one knows about Matthew's TBI because he looks, acts and speaks like any other young man.The accident happened when he was 8 and he is now 17. His verbal skills are excellent and he has done a complete turn around with talking to others. I know God has a great hand in that as He led Matthew to a great youth group but JoJo's studies have been great. We are actually working on the job interview portion! Matthew brought home an application, which he asked for and was unsure of certain things to complete. Perfect opportunity to learn a skill and I have a great tool to guide him! These are a MUST!!!!!!" -Jill Young www.MYCandleCompany.net

Say What You Mean for Teens has been rewritten as an ebook and now includes communication articles, resources, embedded links, and so much more!

Christian-based 18 week (1 semester) course with engaging, hands-on activities that make it fun even for kids with ADD and comfortable enough for the most shy students! The final speech is handled bit by bit beginning in the 8th week to make it more comfortable for first time speakers. This is not just a speech class, but includes general communication skills your student will use everyday to be more effective with friends and family!

  • Each lesson begins with a Bible quote to set the stage for the lesson
  • Use as homeschool curriculum or as a supplement
  • Makes a fun co op class or other classroom course
  • Job interview section is perfect for graduating seniors!
  • Great study that only takes 1-2 hours per week!
  • Easy to use, no teacher prep time required
  • Room for student notes
  • Includes a Certificate of Achievement (certificates often required for college prep)
  • Embedded links with articles, even more tips and techniques!

" Say What You Mean is an 18-week Christian communication curriculum designed to help teenagers communicate the Word of God effectively in their daily lives. The course is organized into seven major areas." --Product Review by: Dr. Heather Allen, TOS Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Know Your Audience has been rewritten as an ebook and now includes communication articles, resources, embedded links, and so much more!

Christian-based, 18 week (one semester) course is a companion to Say What You Mean for Kids or Say What You Mean for Teens that makes a full year of effective communication skills (grades 2-12) It teaches listening and persuasion as well as a bit about entreprenurial success! It is one of our most popular studies because it is just so much fun! Students create a product/service (the more outrageous the better!) and then learn to present their invention to different audiences using different methods of communication. (kindergarten class, radio address, interview, board meeting with Mr IM Boss!)

  • Each lesson begins with a Bible quote to set the stage
  • Perfect for kids who are shy or have ADD because it is so much fun!
  • Great as a classroom or co op class course
  • Learn listening and persuasion in 1-2 hours per week
  • Now with embedded links to new articles, tips and more!

"Know Your Audience" unpacks the subtleties of "Saying What You Mean" and is the perfect complement to the book whether I want to persuade my toddler to pick up his toys or a client to hire me. I keep both handy on my reference shelf." Cheryl Hosmer, writer and stay-at-home mom, Michigan

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