Show Wisdom by Keeping Silent -Bonus 3

By JoJo Tabares

“A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.” Proverbs 29:11

One of the things I hear so often is the myth that more words are better in communication.  More words can clarify, more words can explain, more words can persuade.  However, sometimes more words are just annoying.  Sometimes more words are just a way to show off what you know or what you’ve done.

Talking too much can make you appear nervous, pompous or even silly.  The more words you speak, the more opportunity you have to do your FIMM impersonation.  (Foot in Mouth Man is the Art of Eloquence resident MIScommunicator).

The people who tend to say very little are often the ones you should pay closest attention to. They’re the ones with the wisdom.  They’re the ones  who have had great accomplishments.  And why?  They’re the ones who usually do most of the listening and learning.

JoJo Tabares holds a degree in Speech Communication, but it is her humorous approach to communication skills which has made her a highly sought-after Christian speaker and writer.  Her articles appear in homeschool publications, such as Homeschool Enrichment Magazine and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, which also endorses her Say What You Mean curricula.  You can also find JoJo on web sites such as and  For more information on communication FUNdamentals and Christian-based communication skills for the whole family, please visit

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