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This was me a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. I was painfully shy and I moved around the country a lot so I was always having to meet new people, but I was not comfortable until I decided to step out and speak up. It took me many YEARS to overcome, but I know the way out and it will be my great pleasure to show you a faster and easier way!

As a Christian, we are called by God for a purpose, but we often find we cannot fulfill that purpose if we are too afraid, too shy, too intimidated, or too socially awkward to speak up effectively. 

Have you found yourself afraid to speak up for better treatment at work? Have you ever felt the anti Christian rhetoric was too strong to allow you to feel comfortable to speak out against abortion or too politically charged to speak up for your conservative views? 

Has your teen struggled with shyness/social anxiety and loneliness because he or she can't easily make friends? 

If you can relate, I can help! Join my free Facebook group: Overcome Shyness & Social Anxiety to Unleash Your Unique Child of God! 

Each Tuesday, I'll do a Facebook Live video in the group sharing my experience and coaching on how to overcome shyness. I'll answer questions and you can access all of the free lessons and materials I have posted in the Files section! 

Every six to eight weeks, look for my Free Workshops you or your teen can attend live where I do at least one training per day with my BEST advice for overcoming social anxiety to unleash the child of God you were created to be! 

Come join me!