Is Breaking Up Hard to Do?

Is Breakin’ up really that hard to do?

I saw this Allstate commercial where they say they will tell your old insurance company that you are canceling them.  Has confrontation become THAT difficult for folks?  I think it has or they wouldn’t have created this commercial.

The question of confrontation is included in my Communication Assessment Quiz “Do you shy away from confict?” because many people have told me that they are apprehensive about confrontation in the workplace or between family members or when discussing a political or religious issue with someone.  Others have told me that they are bothered by Ad Day on their Yahoo groups because they feel pressured into buying things they don’t want or need.


It think its indicative of a larger issue in society these days: the lack of effective communication training.  Take the quiz, and see how you and your family answer the issues of intimidation.  Are you more likely to shy away from conflict even to the point where it causes you and your family grief?

You may be in good hands with Allstate, but wouldn’t it be better to have the confidence in yourself to handle conflicts as they arise?  How much more prepared for life will your son or daughter be if they are prepared to handle the conflicts life will throw at them?  Check out Art of and see how we can help!