Say What You Mean: Beginning Debate

Say What You Mean: Beginning Debate


Say What You Mean: Beginning Debate


So many of you asked for it and it's finally here!  The world's most fun and easy way to study beginning debate! 

This course is one I actually wrote and taught many years ago at a co op. It quickly became one of the most popular classes among the students because it allowed them a fun and easy environment in which to study the very intimidating topic of debate in a way that was more comfortable and exciting.  In fact, we frequently had both students and parents sit in to watch the class because it was so much fun!

After many requests, we are finally able to offer Beginning Debate in an eBook format you can do at home!  Here's some of what's inside:

Week 1: Introduction to Beginning Debate

Formal Debate Rules
Say What You Mean: Beginning Debate Rules
Grading and Grading Charts

Week 2-6: Basic Speech and Debate Skills

Basic Debate and Speaking Skills
Increasing Interest
Considering the Opposition
Cross Examination

Week 7-12: Strategies for Proving Your Point

Assumptions and Switching Sides
Attacking the affirmative
The Disadvantage

Week 13-16: Getting Comfortable Switching Sides

Qualities of a Good Debater
Skills that Need Improvement

Week 17 & 18: Building Speed

Working on Speed
Working Faster

BONUS: Second Semester with Debating the Issues

2nd Semester Debate Course
General Lesson Plan

Say What You Mean: Beginning Debate is two studies in one!  It's a full ONE YEAR study because at the end of the semester study teaching basic debating principals, we have a bonus section teaching you how to structure the second semester using our general lesson plan and a list of topics provided for you! That's two semesters of debate for the price of one!  PLUS, it's downloadable so you get it instantly and it contains embedded links to even more resources!

Order now and learn debate the fun and easy way!  

NOTE: You will be prompted upon completion of your order how to download this eBook.

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