Say What You Mean for Teens

Say What You Mean for Teens

Say What You Mean for Teens has been rewritten as an eBook and now includes communication articles, resources, embedded links, and so much more!

Christian-based 18 week (1 semester) basic communication course for Jr/Sr High School students using God's Word and creative activities to illustrate basic principles of effective communication that answers these questions:

1. What is communication?
2. Why do we communicate?
3. What makes a good communicator?
4. Who were some good communicators?
5. What is persuasion?
6. What life skills involve communication skills?

Say What You Mean for Teens teaches with engaging, hands-on activities that make it fun even for kids with ADD and comfortable enough for the most shy students! The final speech is handled bit by bit beginning in the 8th week to make it more comfortable for first time speakers. This is not just a speech class, but includes general communication skills your student will use everyday to be more effective with friends and family!

"In essence, JoJo covers everything from how to speak to different audiences to how to listen to others. This curriculum requires no teacher preparation time and the exercises crafted to address skills to master are entertaining and funny."-Product Review by: Dr. Heather Allen, TOS Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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