High School Premium Pack

High School Premium Pack

Everything you need to prepare your high school student for the exceptional life the Lord has planned for him/her!  

This is a phenomenal value that Includes SIX complete semester eStudies:

Prepare your high schooler for success beyond graduation!  Each study is a semester long so your student gets three years of communication training including: listening and persuasion skills, speech making, leadership, sharing and defending the faith and even applying to and getting accepted to the college of his/her choice! 

Say What You Mean for Teens Christian-based, 18 week (one semester) eCourse geared for Jr/Sr High covers general communication skills as well as beginning speech. The hands-on activities and funny stories help students more effectively remember the skills and lessons taught. The speech is handled in increments after week 8 to make it more comfortable for shy students or first time speakers. It also includes a section on job interviews!

Know Your Audience Christian-based, 18 week (one semester) eCourse is a companion to Say What You Mean for Teens. It teaches listening and persuasion as well as a bit about entrepreneurial success! It is one of our most popular studies because it is just so much fun! Students create a product/service (the more outrageous the better!) and then learn to present their invention to different audiences using different methods of communication. 

Say What You Mean: A Creative Speech Course If your child would rather cut off their right arm than speak in public, this eCourse is for them! It is fun and engaging and not at all intimidating as many speech classes or clubs tend to be! This Christian-based, 18 week (one semester) course teaches impromptu and prepared speeches! 

The Language of Leadership is an 18 week eCourse that will prepare your student to be recognized and respected as a leader. Being able to communicate effectively to those in charge will make all the difference in obtaining the authority to lead.  With that authority, he or she will be able do some amazing things for the Kingdom of God!

Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith This eStudy is the only one I know of that includes not just what to say but how to say it!  God didn’t make cookie cutter people and there is no one size fits all approach to sharing the faith. Unbelievers have questions and misconceptions that need to be addressed on an individual basis.  

Homeschooler's Guide to Preparing for College is unlike any other college prep eBook in one vital capacity: it was written by a homeschooler, for homeschoolers. Other books do not offer the insights and advice that you as a homeschooler need. This title contains valuable information about all aspects of the college prep process, drawn from the research and personal experiences of a homeschooled teen who has gone through the process herself. You won’t find this information anywhere else!

Give your child the necessary tools to succeed not just in high school and in college, but in LIFE! Order Today! 


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